Reviews of Tinka Jordy's sculpture


Andrew Hidas | 2017

 Artist of Repose: Sculptor Tinka Jordy’s Profound Humanist Vision

"Jordy’s high-fired clay figures reveal dignity in the imperfect fissures and textures of their skin. Her figures exude acceptance in their quietude and their openness to the sky and its grace." 

"She explores a kind of calming, sacred repose that any refugee from the hurly burly of modern life would instantly recognize as a necessary-but-elusive salve to all that ails our often scrunched, tense bodies and bruised-by-experience spirits."

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Dale Woodbeck | 2016

There were tears and an "I can't believe this is real" moment as the installation was unveiled. The form, the colors, the textures, the scale - all expertly created and executed.

Barton Art Gallery review of 'Contemporary Figurative Ceramics exhibition | 2010

"An extraordinary exhibition. Tinka Jordy uses everyday imagery as a visual stimulus to illustrate stories and personal dreams."

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Roger Green, art critic, New Orleans Times-Picayune | 1988

Review of solo exhibition at Carol Robinson Gallery, New Orleans.

" Striking and noteworthy... Jordy's ceramic sculpture exhibition is an impressive,uplifting one, catering to popular taste while adroitly avoiding cloying or obvious sentiments"

Blue Greenberg, Art critic Durham Herald Sun

"A delightful experience... This exhibition is about the combination of art and nature"

Alamance County Art’s Council review of 'Messages in Clay' exhibition

Tinka Jordy's pieces are mostly humans and animals with a high concentration on humans.  She keeps her clay rough and crackled to represent the strong relationship between earth and man.  Her human figures have a monk like quality that gives them a sense of timelessness and yet an awareness of the passage of time.

She has an uncanny talent for incorporating human feelings and relationships into her work.

All of the pieces have a sense of timelessness.